Social Media Marketing in Nigeria: Which Social Network is Best for your Business?


When it comes to social media marketing, there are tons of different social media networks to choose from this days and the question I get from majority of my clients is which one exactly is best for my business? While each of the social media networks have their own advantages and disadvantages, not all social networks are suited for every kind of business. In this article we will cover how you can decide which social network is best for your business.

Businesses in Nigeria can chose from any of the popular social networks:
* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google+
* Tumblr
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
* YouTube

And then the ‘less obvious’ social networks, or the networks that skirt the borders of how we define social media. These include:
* Reddit
* Pinterest
* Snapchat
* Periscope
* Forums
* Vine

So now that you know what options are open to you, then how do you go about your social media marketing? Of course, if possible you should be on all social media and the expression you will often hear used in this regard is ‘be everywhere’. But if you had to choose just one social network… which would it be?

Defining Your Goals and Understanding Your Audience
If you look at this in terms of pure numbers, then the answer becomes very simple. Facebook is the biggest social media network and as such this is the one you should be on if you want the opportunity to potentially reach the biggest number of people.

But as any marketer should know, numbers aren’t really what’s important. What’s important is targeted numbers. In other words, who are you trying to reach?

And then there are those other factors like ‘susceptibility’ – is now the right time to reach that user? And are you reaching them in the correct way?

To answer these questions you need to define who your target audience is and how best to reach them.

For instance, did you know that Pinterest is the social media site with the biggest proportion of female users? What’s more, it lends itself particularly well to creative topics and to aesthetic and visual subjects. So in other words, if you have a beauty salon, fashion store or catering store, then you might well find that Pinterest is the right place for you. This is also same with Instagram.

For a B2B (Business to Business) company selling business insurance though, you’re likely not going to have as much luck on Pinterest or instagram (how do you make this visual and artistic?). There are ways, but it’s not going to be as easy and there isn’t as much potential here. In this case, a network like LinkedIn is best suited for you. Most users are in work mode on LinkedIn so it is optimal for peer networking and industry-specific information. Given the high income and education levels of the average LinkedIn user, it offers a distinct audience worth targeting with the right message.

Alright then, what about twitter? Twitter will be best for your business if your business lends itself to the provision of topic-based news or timely insights as the network is particularly appealing to “information junkies”. Twitter is also more effective when it is a two-way platform in which you respond to and engage with followers.

As a local business then you should never look beyond Google+. Sites that have a Google Plus component are being favored in Google search results over ones that don’t. As a result, your company or brand absolutely needs to have a presence on the site: even if it’s only for the purposes of search engine optimization.

So to find your best social network, you need to ask yourself where your audience is going to be and what the best way to communicate what you’re offering is. If you can answer these two questions then you are well on your way to getting unlimited traffic to your website.

Now that you know how to pick the best social network for your business. What do you think is the best social media sites for your business? How has social media marketing help your business grow? Please share your thoughts and experiences promoting your business on social media.

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